My Mission

My mission is the help men and women revitalize their life in a way that creates excitement, inspiration, and motivation so that their dreams and goals are fulfilled and an inner beauty and radiance shines from within.

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Diane Brown, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Welcome to my practice. You have done the hard work of reaching out, so congratulations. If you are in emotional pain right now, don’t despair. I have over two decades of success healing others and I am sure I can help you, too. Contact me TODAY- what have you got to lose?



Client Reviews

“I carry her voice with me…and it reassures me when I am in doubt…”
“This group is the best I’ve ever attended!”
“The Prosperity Group was an amazing journey…”
“Dr. Brown saved me. I want all my family members to see her now!”
“Dr. Brown is very unique. She gets to the heart of the matter like no other therapist I’ve had…”
“I don’t know how she does it…she takes what I say and somehow, makes sense of it all, just like a computer!”
“Dr. Brown is a gifted therapist. She has helped me immensely”.